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Ways to write a love triangle: 

1. Don’t

2. Have it end with polyamory




Tony Abbott, Australia’s Prime Minister and self-appointed minister of women’s affairs, winks at a radio DJ after Gloria, a 67-year-old pensioner, tells him that she has to work as a telephone sex worker to make enough money to pay for her medical expenses. 

He is actual genuine scum.

That wink and smirk in the second frame is enough to give you a representation of him.


Australia’s minister for women

- thinks that a woman’s virginity is her “greatest gift”

- thought people should vote for him because he has “not bad looking daughters”

- told the unmarried, former PM Julia Gillard to ‘make an honest woman of herself’

- stood in front of…

Anonymous said: Oh yeah and don't forget that by shoplifting you are literally costing people their jobs. Wanna hurt the big mean old corporation's bottom line by shop-lifting? They'll just cut hours and outright fire people to get profits back up. Congrats, now a family is going to have to go on welfare because you wanted free shit.


For every item that is stolen, the average company must sell two of that item to recoup the costs. The more their gross margin drops, the more people’s jobs are threatened.


This is my article for the Guardian about my recent trip to Jordanian refugee camps. It’s really important. (I mean it.)

Please read it, and if you are moved by it, or just informed by it, share it in every way you are able.


A collection of snapchats from the Met.

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